The Project

CIGN (Creative Industries Global Network) is a pan-European network for curricular development for the Creative Industries. It aims to identify sectorial skill-gaps, develop curricula to address these, and enable opportunities for future employment.


Project Coordinator
Tommie Nyström
Linköping University
SE-60176 Norrköping

After 5 years experience of working together in the EU funded Intensive Programme ICDC the project partners feel in 2014 well prepared to expand the existing collaboration to another level. Creating a pan-European network for curricular development for the Creative Industries. Identifing sectorial skills-gaps, developing curricula to address these, and enabling opportunities for future employment have been the main steps to take.

The project aimed to enhance the quality of training, improve trans-national recognition of qualifications, and provide opportunities for skills training of professional staff. Once disseminated through modular provision at each partner University, opportunities will be created for students to engage with present and future needs of cross-media design and production industries across Europe and beyond.
The CIGN project also seeked to identify communication strategies and appropriate learning methodologies to allow for this to be implemented at local, regional, national and international levels forming a lasting international network of stakeholders in training professionals for cross-media design and production.

Project Details

Start date: 2014-09-04
Programme type: Key Action 2 – Cooperation and Innovation for Good Practices
Programme Acronym: CIGN
Duration: 36 months
End Date: 2017-09-04

Flag of the European Union
Funded by the European Union
within the ERASMUS+ Programme