The Project

CIGN (Creative Industries Global Network) is a pan-European network for curricular development for the Creative Industries. It aims to identify sectorial skill-gaps, develop curricula to address these, and enable opportunities for future employment.


Project Coordinator
Tommie Nyström
Linköping University
SE-60176 Norrköping

C1 Workshop

Stuttgart, 25-27 November 2014

Within the framework of the CIGN-project and as part of its objectives, a staff-training workshop was organized by Stuttgart Media University in November 2014. Main objective of this workshop was to bring researcher and lecturer from the different partner institutions together to learn from one another about best-practise in methodologies for blended learning and the use of e-learning tools.
To attract a broad audience, the workshop was organized as part of HdM's International Week. The International Week is an annual event, where many representatives from HdM's exchange network come to Stuttgart to present their institution as host for studies abroad.

Prof. Dr. Frank Thissen

The agenda was splitted. At the first day a public conference was held, were the current state of research in the field of e-learning was presented, followed by presentations of best-practise approach at the different partner universities of the CIGN project. More than 20 participants took part at this meeting and ensured a lively exchange.

Day two of the workshop was dedicated to staff training. Different e-learning tools and methodologies were presented by selected speakers, followed by focus groups discussing which of the presented approaches might be of use within the CIGN project.
At the final day of that meeting round table talks offered the possibility to identify possible topics for cooperation between the universities in the CIGN project.

Discussion between the participants of the workshop

Agenda of the workshop

Project Details

Start date: 2014-09-04
Programme type: Key Action 2 – Cooperation and Innovation for Good Practices
Programme Acronym: CIGN
Duration: 36 months
End Date: 2017-09-04

Flag of the European Union
Funded by the European Union
within the ERASMUS+ Programme