The Project

CIGN (Creative Industries Global Network) is a pan-European network for curricular development for the Creative Industries. It aims to identify sectorial skill-gaps, develop curricula to address these, and enable opportunities for future employment.


Project Coordinator
Tommie Nyström
Linköping University
SE-60176 Norrköping

C2 Workshop

Ghent, 19-21 October 2015

Within the framework of the CIGN-project and as part of its core objectives, a series of workshops on sharing good practices took place at the University College Artevelde Ghent (Belgium).
Each theme was introduced by a staff member of the University College Artevelde. This was followed by questions, discussions and sharing of experiences by the participants. A final session on the learning outcome concluded a day of hard work. In this session, participants described how the learning outcome of their respective programme came into being and the methodology used.
One of the most striking conclusions was the similarity between all surveys of learning outcomes that were established parallel and individually. This significant finding underscores the resemblance and correspondence between the programmes of this partnership and the process adopted to determine it.
All the sessions of this two-days’ workshop imported on and culminated in a final, third day. This was devoted to gathering impressions and suggestions of the participants for new or more intensive future collaborations on a bilateral and multilateral level. The brainstorm resulted in some embryonic ideas for joint projects in areas such as entrepreneurship and joint degrees, just to mention these two.

At the closing, participants expressed sincere appreciation for the organization and the educational outcome of the workshops, both for themselves as for the institution they represent:

"This summit provided me with great insight into the design of graphic communication in global curricula. Having just recently experienced an Accreditation and Curriculum Review at our university, sharing valuable Program Learning Objectives and Module Learning Objectives) has helped in influencing our future curriculum development from a strategic planning perspective. This will assure that we are more closely aligned with our global partners and better in-tune with industry needs."
Kenneth L. Macro, PhD, Professor and Chair, Graphic Communication Department, California Polytechnic State University (USA)

"Attending this CIGN workshop allowed me to share and discuss with my colleagues abroad on several missions of our universities of applied sciences. From the analysis of business skills to the professionalization of our students through the internationalization of our programs: all discussions were full of best practices we may implement locally."
Jean-Marc Seydoux, Doyen du département comem+, HEIG VD (Switzerland)

"The benchmarking seminars were extremely helpful, well planned and highly organized. The presentations provided valuable insight into techniques and infrastructure for defining and quantifying the goals and outcomes of educational programs in creative and technical fields. One interesting lesson which I learned was how institutions in many countries are undertaking very similar initiatives to improve program outcomes. It would be very valuable to continue to explore this topic, and to consider how we can enhance international collaboration which would support the efforts and outcomes of all partners. This was a tremendously effective meeting."
Ian Baitz, Chair, School of Graphic Communications Management, Ryerson University (Canada)

Agenda of the workshop

Project Details

Start date: 2014-09-04
Programme type: Key Action 2 – Cooperation and Innovation for Good Practices
Programme Acronym: CIGN
Duration: 36 months
End Date: 2017-09-04

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Funded by the European Union
within the ERASMUS+ Programme